Each body accessory is part of a limited series and each piece is one-of-a-kind.

25 years ago I began scouring flea markets, haunting hardware stores,

and digging into yard sales to find hidden treasures.

Using old fishing lures, antique keys, vintage bottle caps, chandelier crystals,

outdated hardware, bicycle chains and other obscure objects,

I create pieces with a unique story.

  Many may be custom made to order. 

I would love to collaborate with you to create a piece using your own treasures. 


My newest Leather Rivet Series features sublime minimalist body accessories where form follows function.

It can be made to order and reproduced in small quantities. 

               For pricing contact me at:




Leather Rivet Series

Leather Bracelet Series

Hood Ornament Series

Latchkey Series

Fishing Lure Series

Crystal Series

Hardware Series


Fashion Photo Credit: Sylvia Hardt

Product Photo Credit: Leandro Chavira